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Go let it loud

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MOVE BT (Earhook) [Highlight XL]

Why we love this product

The new MOVE BT take it to the next level. This includes, improved waterproof protection and ear hooks that guarantee a better grip. Unchanged, however, is the the precise, bass-heavy sound, the long-lasting battery life of up to 20 hours, as well as the multi-functional control system and headset function.

MOVE BT (Earhook) [Highlight XL]

Key advantages at a glance

  • Wireless high-definition, in-ear headphones with liner HD drivers and effective reduction of exterior noises
  • New: Waterproof due to IPX5, ear hooks for a better grip by extreme workouts
  • Made from aluminium for a light weight, better durability and best possible sound
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X for wireless transmission in HD-quality up to 20m distance
  • High-capacity battery with up to 20 hours playing time and just two hour charging time
  • 5.8 mm neodymium HD drivers for a outstanding sound with precise bass
  • Hands-free system for wireless calls, Skyping, Facetime and voice control via Google and Siri, operating keys for volume control, as well as to take calls on the in line remote control.
  • Three different sized pairs of extra soft, antibacterial ear hooks made from silicon
(4.41 of 5 out of 486)
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Sound first

The quality of sound is the biggest highlight when it comes to the MOVE BT. The built-in high definition neodymium drivers show that this premise is unchanged. The balanced tuning with a slight bass boost provides the necessary pressure to hear full and dynamic sound when you're on the go.

MOVE BT (Earhook) - black - Lifestyle 3(PDS)

Splash proof thanks to IPX5-Norm

It doesn't matter if your caught in the rain, or getting sweaty during a workout - thanks to IPX5 the MOVE BT, including the buttons on the cable are splash proof! Meaning water doesn't have to ruin your fun when listening to favourite tunes.

Hear to stay

The ultra-soft ear hooks made from antibacterial silicon offer better comfort when wearing, and improve the grip to your ear - even by intense workouts. Each delivery comes with three different sized ear hooks.

Inear Bluetooth 1
1. Select hook
Inear Bluetooth 2
2. Attach hook
Inear Bluetooth 3
3. Align hook
Inear Bluetooth 4
4. Insert headphones

Robust casing made from aluminium

The MOVE BT are for life. The material used ensure a long durability. The casing is made from high-value aluminium for light weight but robustness. And an extra strong cable has been created to prevent those well-known cable mishaps. .

Teufel null Inear Bluetooth Schwarz

Wireless sound at its best

Our products guarantee a clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Ranges of over 10 metres can be achieved.

Funktioniert für Systeme mit Android.

Stream music, film sound or games from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac.
Enjoy the best sound whatever way you like to.

On the lips sound

Video sound from e.g. YouTube or other apps and games is smooth and lip-synchronized.

20 hours of music

Once fully loaded the MOVE BT can play up to 20 hours of non-stop music! A small signal on the headphones warns you when your MOVE BT are low on battery. By iOS devices the battery life will also be displayed on the devices. And it only takes two hours to fully charge the headphones.

MOVE BT (Earhook) - black - Lifestyle 5(PDS)

Multi-function controls with handsfree option

The MOVE BT makes it easy to control your music and phone calls via handy in-line remote. Start and pause playback, regulate the volume and take calls. A microphone located on the back of the remote is perfectly positioned to catch every word you say for easy and relaxed conversations.

A mini-USB port on the side of the remote for charging the device is protected by a rubberized cover.

MOVE BT Inear Bluetooth Schwarz
Teufel Inear Bluetooth Lieferumfang


The MOVE BT comes with a transport box, a fixing clamp, for pairs of various sized ear tips, as well as three pairs of different sized ear hooks. Items are delivered in a patented cleaning and transport tube for safe transportation. Travel tube can also be used as a "wash machine" for the ear pieces. Just add lukewarm water to the tube and shake - and the pads will be cleaned.

Included components

  • 2× Silicone earpieces (M)
  • 2× Earhook (L)
  • 1× Cleaning and transportation tube for MOVE PRO
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (S)
  • 2× Earhook (S)
  • 2× Earhook (M)
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (L)
  • 1× Clip
  • 1× Transport pouch for MOVE BT
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (XS)
  • 1× MOVE BT
MOVE BT - Outline [SVG]


  • Inear Bluetooth von Teufel Schwarz


    Wireless high-definition, in-ear headphones with liner HD drivers and effective reduction of exterior noises

    • Description Item
      Weight 17 g
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      Microsoft Yes
      iOS Yes
    • Description Item
      Battery type Lithium-Ion
      Automatic on/off Yes
    • Description Item
      Miscellaneous Connection cable between the left and right ear pieces.
    • Description Item
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 100 dB
      Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz
      Impedance 16 Ohm
      Miscellaneous Splash-proof design (IP54 certified)
    • Description Item
      Connectors - Charging station USB (Micro B)
      Bluetooth aptX Yes
      Bluetooth 4.0 aptX
      Bluetooth Yes
      Speakerphone function Yes

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.41 of 5 out of 486)
Top, with little to complain about.
First impression: Quite good, looks valuable and the packaging and accessories reflect that somewhere. You get a quite sturdy case with it. All around, very good.Sound: I can't complain, it has less bass than the Teufel Move (bought around 2017) which were replaced with it. But these earphones are much louder compared to the Move, half the volume is enough to drown out the engine of the train. Sound, is also top.Battery: I don't quite get the stated battery life. Apart from the fact that at 30 kku every few minutes with a "Battery Low" message, which is quite annoying. A less annoying sound could be used here, a simple "ding" would be enough.Generally: The earphone is very good. At night the flashing light is a little annoying and you can't really lie on your side with both headphones in your ear, they are quite.... Thick. But that was already clear to me when I bought them, so that's not really a point of criticism for me.In short: clear purchase recommendation.
Super wenn's passt
They are great in-ear headphones. You have to take a lot of time to fit them. Since I wear them for heavy work, it would be good if the cables slid better on the skin.
(automatically translated *)
Good quality
Battery life is not as long as stated in the product description.
(automatically translated *)
Top Headset
A mobile phone headset including accessories that leaves nothing to be desired!
(automatically translated *)
Negatives predominate
First the positive: runtime, sound and accessories get 4 stars from me.Now unfortunately the negative: the cable including the adjustment knobs seem very inferior.telephoning is fine for me but the other way round you are very difficult to understand yourself.but the worst thing is the flashing.You can see it out of the corner of your eye and it is reflected in my glasses in the evening, so unfortunately only 2.5 stars. Conclusion We have the Boomster and the I Teufel air Blue from Teufel and are very satisfied with them, but I won't be buying Teufel headphones again.
I am absolutely convinced!
I initially had a bit of trouble finding the ideal fit for me. I am thrilled with the MOVE BT: the sound is really very good and the battery life is decent! I use it mostly in the suburban train and it shields outside noise sufficiently for my needs.
Good sound, deduction because of constant blinking
The headphones have a good sound and a very good battery life. I really wanted connected headphones because I am afraid of losing individual ones. The operation is very simple. The only thing that bothers me is the flashing every few seconds. I don't need a constant visual signal to know that the Bluetooth connection is up. I unceremoniously taped this off (it would otherwise have been a reason to return the headphones). None of the supplied earhooks fit, so I just leave them off, because the headphones sit very securely and firmly without them. It sometimes takes a little longer for the "plugs" to fit perfectly in the ear, but I think with time I will get the hang of it. All in all, I am satisfied and would recommend them to others.
great for sports. Always hold! Hammer sound! Never connection problems. For me the best headphones
(automatically translated *)
I like it
I like the sound, the operation and the fit in the ear very much. Only the attachment of the supplied fastening clip was a bit fiddly and involved the worry of damaging the cable during the action. Another way to make sure you don't lose the thing on the go would be a cherry on the cake.
Subjectively a complicated handling for me
For me personally, a somewhat complicated handling to find the right size of the supplied plugs to then get the perfect fit in the ear-because only with very precise adjustment in the ear, you get acceptable sound and full bass in the ear...a little disappointed, but okay-I personally just like it! I wish I could switch on and get the best result with every technical device!
* Automatically translated by DeepL