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All Home Cinema products: 90 Results



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Enjoy a cinema experience in your living room with home cinema speakers by Teufel

In the early days of home movie rentals, it was necessary to trade convenience for sound and picture quality. Today, televisions are able to render high-definition picture quality, and home cinema speakers produce room-filling surround sound to match. The two together give the viewer a thrilling sensation of being right in the action that is comparable to going to the movies. However, not all home cinema systems are created equal. For powerful, dynamic sound and optimal speech intelligibility, quality matters. Quantity is an important consideration, too. The best home cinema systems are 5.1 or larger.

Teufel Audio offers a large variety of home cinema speakers for every taste, room size, and budget. From complete sets with micro satellites to systems with elegant column speakers, any living room can be perfectly equipped. Different styles and colour combinations make it possible to find a system that will enhance any interior. Colum speakers, for instance, are perfect for living rooms, whereas 2.1 or 5.1 systems with micro satellites are better for bedrooms or computer rooms. Our Concept E series, for instance, is perfect for most home office environments.

Enjoying music with home cinema systems

Home cinema systems have become so advanced that it’s now possible to enjoy Dolby Surround sound with music. Teufel often sells home cinema systems as bundles that include the speakers and a receiver for an easy plug-and-play set up.

The next time you invite family and friends over, why not surprise them with cinema-grade sound? Children will love the intense and realistic sound a Teufel system lends to games, and parents will be able to enjoy a night at the movies in the comfort of home. And everyone will enjoy live concert footage on our surround sets - they make you feel like you’re really there. To enjoy the full effect, it’s important to take room size into account and to position the speakers correctly around the listening/viewing position.

Home cinema speakers: Correct setup is important

Individual loudspeakers are placed around the room. Most home cinema systems like the Impaq, Consono, and Columa series offer five loudspeakers and a subwoofer. This combination is commonly referred to as a 5.1 set. For the best results, the individual components should not simply be randomly scattered about the room, but rather arranged in such a way that the listener is in the middle of the arrangement. The centre – as its name would suggest – is always placed in the centre front, usually under the display. This important speaker is primarily responsible for dialogue. The two front speakers should then be placed to the left and right of the centre and angled towards the viewer/listener.

The two remaining speakers in the home cinema system are placed behind the viewer and project their sound into the room. They are responsible for background and ambient noises, so important for a sensation of total sound immersion.

A 5.1 configuration is only the tip of the home cinema iceberg

Those looking for an even bigger sonic kick, can opt for a 6.1, 7.1 or even 9.2 home cinema system. The more speakers that are added to a surround sound system, the greater the sense of sound envelopment will be. Of course, it should be noted that the space requirements are also greater.

Learn more about the differences between the various surround systems as well asexpansion sets.

Those who’ve avoided investing in a home cinema system for fear of filling the living room with a mass of cables can opt for a system that sends audio signals via WLAN. Teufel also offers soundbars with wireless subwoofers that communicate via Bluetooth.

No matter what your requirements, you’re sure to find it with Teufel.

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