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Teufel x Rosenthal

Sound that looks good

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Teufel x Rosenthal Porzellan Weiss

Why we love this product

The best of both worlds: Teufel and Rosenthal have developed a speaker that combines technical know-how and creativity in a unique and modern style. The result is the very first Wi-Fi speaker made of porcelain.

Key advantages at a glance

  • The first porcelain Wi-Fi speakers in the world
  • Limited edition: only 500 speaker pairs
  • Amplifier and speaker housing hand-crafted from high-quality, white porcelain
  • Powerful high-end coaxial driver for balanced and true-to-source playback
  • Wi-Fi streaming via the Teufel Raumfeld app for music from Spotify, TuneIn, Napster, TIDAL and SoundCloud
  • Use alongside other Teufel Streaming and Raumfeld speakers for lossless multi-room streaming
  • Amplifier control for play/pause, volume and preset keys for radio and playlists, etc.
  • Alarm clock, sleep timer, energy saving function, line-in for CD- or record-player, comes with speaker stands and cables
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Teufel x Rosenthal Frontansicht

Limited World Premiere

Modern sound technology and timeless design made of exclusive materials combine together with the Teufel x Rosenthal to create a masterpiece. The traditional manufacturer Rosenthal developed this unique loudspeaker together with us.

Teufel x Rosenthal is limited to only 500 sets.

Teufel x Rosenthal Frontansicht

A design that you hear

Despite being new, the Teufel x Rosenthal has already won awards for its extraordinary design. The shape not only gives the speakers a unique appearance, but also improves the quality of sound for amazing playback.

Teufel x Rosenthal - Design Award 2018
Teufel x Rosenthal - Pure Award 2018

Materials only one could wish for

The casing is handmade by Rosenthal from white, fine and extremely hard porcelain. After the firing process, the surface is sanded - so you don't have to varnish the product to keep its pure design.

Teufel Rosenthal Weiss Seitenansicht Schwarz
Teufel Weiss Seitenansicht
Teufel Rosenthal Weiss Schwarz

White gold for a pure sound

With the perfect thickness and cushioning, porcelain is the ideal material for loudspeaker construction.

  1. Porcelain is resistant to natural sounds. Making way for a balanced, precise, and detailed sound.
  2. The spherical shape guarantees good spatial sound playback - in combination with coaxial cassis, this means excellent sound location.

Harsh edges can cause sound to bend and distort leading to unwanted interference.


Due to the unique shape of the casing it minimizes distortion effects, as well as interference.


Thanks to the widespread sound distribution, you don't have to be directly in between the speakers for an optimal listening experience.


The drop-shaped casing cleverly integrates the bass reflex channel. Despite the compact dimensions, you still receive a deep, powerful and precise bass.

Teufel Weiss null

Integrated Amplifier

The loudspeakers are not the only unique product, the amplifier, too, has a unique design. The casing is handmade from porcelain and has its own technical highlights:

Bi-Amping technology for a pure sound
High-powered Class D amplifier for extremely low-noise playback
Teufel x Rosenthal Verstärker
Volume control
Direct dialing for playlists und Streaming services
Unendless connection possibilities and setting options
Line In
Speaker out
USB port

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Teufel x Rosenthal Streaming

  • Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
  • Teufel Streaming
  • Teufel Streaming Spotify Music  Streamingdienst
  • Raumfeld

    You can listen to music in true CD quality without interruption from calls or messages via the Teufel Raumfeld app. You can stream music from your CD- or record player and listen to it throughout the whole house with another speaker. You can even play music from a smartphone, USB stick or hard drive via the app.

    Try the Teufel Raumfeld app

  • Bluetooth

    Use Bluetooth to stream any audio, such as YouTube videos, Apple Music or Amazon Music, from your smartphone or tablet directly to your speakers. Our speakers ensure a particularly stable Bluetooth transmission with a long range of up to 15m.

  • Spotify

    You can stream Spotify via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and also use Spotify Connect independently to benefit from the features of the Spotify app. You can quickly change the audio output from your smartphone to the speakers without pausing.

Multiroom Music

  • Teufel x Rosenthal Multiroom Raumfeld

    Stream via WIFI the same or different music in CD quality across multiple rooms at the same time. You can easily operate the system with either your smartphone or tablet.

  • Teufel Multiroom Chromecast

    Stream via WIFI the same or different music in CD quality across multiple rooms at the same time. You can easily operate the system with either your smartphone, PC, laptop, or notebook.

  • Teufel Multiroom Spotify Music Streamingdienst

    Stream via WIFI the same or different music in CD-like quality across multiple rooms at the same time. To do this you need to create a Multiroom Zone in the Teufel Raumfeld app. You can easily operate the system with either your smartphone, PC, laptop, or notebook.

Standing Ovation

Teufel x Rosenthal comes with solid steel stand for stability. The speakers are also designed to be at ear level when seated.

Teufel x Rosenthal Standfüsse

Teufel Bluetooth USB Adapter

Now enjoy even more music streaming possibilities with our Bluetooth USB Adapter made for Teufel Streaming devices. Hear music direct from your phones via apps such as, Apple Music, Audible, Deezer, spotify and loads more!

For more information about this product, or how to use it go to ourSupport page.

Teufel Bluetooth USB Schwarz

Audio sources

Modern jukebox

The new streaming speakers offer more music services, Internet radio stations and podcasts than almost any other system. Discover all the music sources of our three different streaming technologies.

Connect a CD player to your Teufel Streaming speaker via cinch cable and stream lossless music to other rooms, for example.


TV Sound

TV Ton
Connect your TV set via Cinch cable (or HDMI to a soundbar or sound deck) and listen to lossless TV sound via your Teufel Streaming speakers.


Streame den Ton jeder weiteren beliebigen App einfach über Bluetooth auf deine Teufel Streaming Speaker.

Simply stream sound from any other app to your Teufel Streaming speaker via Bluetooth.



Qobuz Music is a beloved streaming service from Paris. Discover the world's most comprehensive CD-quality catalogue (Hi-Fi) and the largest selection of studio-quality albums (Hi-Res).


Digital Concert Hall

Digital Concert Hall
Experience the renowned Philharmoniker ochestre at home - live or from the archive. Every season contains over 50 live streamings in HD & 100+ archive concerts from the last five years.



Flux FM
Artists living in Germany are playing an increasingly important role in the Berlin station's music programme. Flux FM is the successor of Motor FM.



Plex App
The Plex Media Server manages your own music files and makes them available on all devices. With the Plex App for Android and iOS, music and videos from the Plex Media Server can also be played from a mobile device.



Mixcloud is a British online music streaming service that allows for the listening and distribution of radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts, which are crowdsourced by its registered users.


Bubble uPnP

Bubble uPnP
With the BubbleUPnP app you can manage and play your own music. With the Bubble uPnP app you have access to all your local music files, network and cloud files via Google Drive to (media server function).

Included components

  • 1× Bluetooth USB Adapter


  • Teufel x Rosenthal Porzellan Weiss

    Teufel x Rosenthal

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