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11 Products

Waterproof headphones and speakers from Teufel

Outdoor lovers will know the hassle rain can cause - your clothes get soaked, muddy shoes, and worst of all - wet socks. Even when it's just spitting - and in such situations, long battery life and nonwaterproof smartphone aren't going to help you out much. Rule number one on surviving the terror is waterproof clothing. Once that's sorted the next step is waterproof portable speakers and digital equipment, so you don't allow the tempestuous weather to dictate whether you can enjoy great sound. Luckily nowadays, there is a range of waterproof speakers, headphones and Bluetooth speakers that come with such protection and don't cost too much. Bluetooth speakers or headphones are vital because you don't want to be out in wetter weather relying on cables to listen to music and thanks to their, often-long battery life, you don't need to worry about the charging cables. Put simply, the fewer wires, the better. At Teufel, we have a selection of waterproof speakers and headphones that also work via Bluetooth, so you can listen to your music with great sound quality in the garden, on the beach or on a hike allowing you to enjoy tour music in any weather without disruption.

Can I use my headphones when I go swimming?

Yes, but you have to be careful. You have to be aware of what sort of built-in IP protection your audio equipment has. IP - stands for International Protection (or IP rating) and it tells you what your audio equipment protects against. The different IP codes communicate how resistant your product is against water and solids, dust-tight, whether it's a drop of rain or complete underwater submergence. Understanding the IP rating of your product will give you an idea of what your equipment can put up with. But thanks to our enduring battery life, you won't have to worry about charging the device.

When it comes to swimming specifically, you will need to look for IPX7 or higher protection for your headphones. IPX7 allows for 30 minutes of submergence at a 1-metre depth of water, which should be okay for a trip to the pool. Not to be confused with IP67 rating, which IP67 indicates "complete protection against dust over extended time" as well as "protection against contact with objects greater than 1mm in diameters, such as a wire or a small tool.

So it might take a little bit of research to get your head around the differences in the IP rating - but make the effort. You dint want to take a non-water-resistance speaker for a swim, trust us.

A deep dive with speakers

Unlike headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers are rarely made for total submergence underwater. If you think about it, it makes sense. Who wants to take their wireless speaker for an underwater concert? Sounds fun, but sound doesn't travel well underwater. Most water-resistant speakers are there to protect the speaker should it accidentally fall into the water, not to entertain the merfolk.

Keep in mind though that the majority of cabled headphones, over-ear headphones or also Wi-Fi smart home loudspeakers aren't really designed as outdoor speakers, because it's rare to find their important built-in electrical components with waterproof protection. And unlike portable speakers, these speakers don't have a battery life, so need to b plugged in both to a power source and sometimes an audio source such as AUX-IN. And can be easily charged in the car thanks to USB-C or other USBs providing hours of battery life.

Waterproof or water-resistant? What is the difference?

The difference is that, compared to waterproof speakers or headphones, portable speakers or Bluetooth headphones are only actually considered "waterproof" if they have an IPX7 certification. But then they can also be used for outdoor use in the lake, surfing at the beach or even for swimming (only short-term submersion possible).

Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones with an IPX 5 certification, on the other hand, should neither be submerged nor exposed to heavy rain or storms. However, drizzles and small spills are not a problem. Jogging in light rain (in conjunction with a hood) is also no problem for Bluetooth headphones with IPX5 certification.

Where can I find the protection class?

Discover our sound-strong and robust Bluetooth speakers and headphones and find the right product for your purposes. You will find the relevant information on functions and in particular on the supported protection class on every product page under the "Features" section, so much sure to check if the product has IP67 protection or something else - and make sure you are fully aware of the different IP ratings. Additional information can also be found under "Highlights" and in our blog.

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