Move BT Ear Hook

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Move BT Ear Hook

Der Hook für den Halt

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Colour: Black
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MOVE BT (Earhook) [Highlight XL]

Why we love this product

The MOVE BT ear hooks guarantee a good grip, even for extreme sporting activities.

MOVE BT (Earhook) [Highlight XL]

Key advantages at a glance

  • Ultra-soft ear hooks made from antibacterial silicon that fit all MOVE BT models
  • Increased wear comfort and stay on during intensive workouts
  • Every delivery includes three different pairs
  • Available in black and white
(4.55 of 5 out of 11)
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Hear to stay

The ultra-soft ear hooks made from antibacterial silicon offer better comfort when wearing, and improve the grip to your ear - even by intense workouts. Each delivery comes with three different sized ear hooks.

Inear Bluetooth 1
1. Select hook
Inear Bluetooth 2
2. Attach hook
Inear Bluetooth 3
3. Align hook
Inear Bluetooth 4
4. Insert headphones

Included components

  • 2× Earhook (M)
  • 2× Earhook (L)
  • 2× Earhook (S)


  • Inear Bluetooth von Teufel Schwarz

    Move BT Ear Hook

    Ultra-soft ear hooks made from antibacterial silicon that fit all MOVE BT models

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.55 of 5 out of 11)
Real improvement
I had a bit of trouble placing the earhooks correctly at first. But the Move BT fit perfectly. Before the hooks, when I moved, the sound often changed and I had to readjust the headphones. Small investment, big result!
not yet optimal
It could be better and hold better in my opinion, if the rubber cap of the Move BT and this Ear-Hook would be a part of it.
(automatically translated *)
Good supplement
Fits and does what it should!
(automatically translated *)
(automatically translated *)
Necessary when jogging
You have to mount and remove them each time so that you can put the headphones back in the charging box.
(automatically translated *)
Finally hold
The hooks are perfect for sports with the Move BT. From this point of view everything is perfect - only the hooks no longer fit in the case... The inner part could be exchanged - then everything is right again.
Good Inear holders
Teufelo everyone. these are very easy to wear and offer a very fine and clean pascon Ford the only drawback is that if you're not careful you can slip off the headphones relatively easily and lose them, and what may have nothing to do with this product now, but will the headphones somehow lack a small magnet that would hold them together a little when you wear them around the neck otherwise I'm very happy with the BT move and the matching ear holders
Overdue, but very successful
Easy to attach to Move BT. Almost even easier to fix in the auricle. Great thing, because nothing wobbles and disturbs even at high speed or with exercises such as jumps. The moves remain in the ear and the sound quality remains excellent. Absolutely recommendable purchase
Yes fun
The wearing quality was good, but much better. Secure hold.
(automatically translated *)
The icing on the cake
In addition to the good sound of the earphones, there is now also the firm fit when exercising! I wonder, however, why this equipment is not part of it from the outset. If the name "move" is already given in the name, you should expect the device to stay where it should be even if it is moving.
* Automatically translated by DeepL