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M Stands

Support your music

Color: Alu

Stand AC 7001 SP (Pair)

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Standfuß AC 7001 SP


Streaming WiFi Raumfeld M von Teufel

Why we love this product

The M Stands are the perfect pedestals for your Teufel Stereo M speaker pairs.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Premium pair of speaker stands that are suitable for the Teufel Stereo M Wi-Fi speakers
  • Brings the Stereo M to the optimal height for music playback
  • Power & speaker cables can be concealed within columns
  • Reduces vibrations, improves bass playback
  • Solid aluminium and steel construction
  • Stand height: 62 cm
  • Delivered as a pair

The M Stands are the perfect counterpart to the Teufel Stereo M Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker pair.

The stands‘ height of 62 cm places the Stereo M’s sophisticated coax drivers at ear height. This allows the finest details from within each song to be clearly appreciated.

Both the power and stereo cables connecting the two speakers can be discretely concealed within each stand’s central column.

The solid construction and heavy weight reduce unwanted vibrations and ensure that your speakers are securely placed.

Columns and the cover on the base are made from solid aluminium with a brushed finish. The foundation of the base is made from cast iron.

The M Stands are delivered as a pair.

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Streaming WiFi Raumfeld M von Teufel

M Stands

  • Description Item
    Base plate - width 25.5 cm
    Base plate - height 2.5 cm
    Base plate - length 31.5 cm
    Unladen weight 11 kg
    Total height 62 cm
    Max. load bearing capacity 25 kg



Included components

M Stands
  • 2 × Baseplate for M Stands (pcs) – Alu
  • 2 × Column for M Stands (pcs.) – Alu
  • 2 × Complete assembly kit for M Stands