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Cinch cables

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8 Products

What is a cinch cable?

Cinch is a connection for the transfer of electrical signals to audiovisual media as audio or video equipment. These connections send analogue signals via coaxial cables from the decoder or tuner to an amplifier and ultimately to the power amplifier. In stereo systems, the right channel is distinguished from the left and the signals are transmitted separately. This separation is achieved by means of differently coloured codes. In the audio segment, the following colour codes are often used:

  • Red - is always used for the right channel
  • White - is always used for the left channel
  • Black - is used for the centre speaker or subwoofer

Where does the name cinch come from?

Although the name cinch seems to be a technical term, it is only another name for an RCA connection. The Radio Corporation of America - on which RCA is based - was the first to use this plug connection. But where does the word "cinch" come from now? It is not entirely certain, but it is suspected to be descended from the first manufacturer Cinch Connectors. Since the verb "to cinch" means to attach something as well as possible it therefore also indicates a solid connection..

Cinch-Kabel in der Praxis

1 Cinch cables are connected to the component according to the corresponding colours. You have first check if your device can support cinch connection. Delicate devices could be damanged if you attempt to use cinch cable when the device does not support.

2. Due to their signal susceptibility by other electronics (such as wireless network) cinch plug and cable have to be well insulated. A solid technical setup with good insulation and inner conducter can lead to quality sound.

For the thread’s materials such as copper silver – and even sometimes gold – are used. We recommended these to listeners with high-end audio systems at home or in a studio.

Cinch cable in the Teufel Accessories

Different range of cinch cables are available in the Teufel online store in our extras section.

Tip: Many of Teufel sets include all the cables you need. So make sure to check the include parts. You can scroll to the bottom of any product page to see our recommended accessories.

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