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You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.

Bluetooth speakers - high performance sound for every occasion whether at home or on the go

The best thing about Bluetooth speakers or wireless speakers is their diversity. You can easily stream your music from your mobile, tablet, laptop and more with just the click of a button from any Android or Apple device. Whatever you have planned, whether it be chilling at home, a bike ride or a summer party a portable Bluetooth speaker is ready when you are. In our Bluetooth guide, we've put together the most important points together for you to have a look at:

How do I go about finding the right BT speaker for me?

Before buying a Bluetooth loudspeaker you first need to consider what the speaker can do, for what purposes you want the speaker and what type of music you would like to play (it's okay if you don't always play the same music, that's also something to consider). Indoor Bluetooth loudspeakers often need to be plugged in, meaning you don't need to worry about charging them, however you lose the ability to take your sound wherever you want. This more stable setting is perfect for in the kitchen, bathroom or study perhaps. So really think about if you want to use the speaker in a more consistent setting - also bear in mind the size of the room. Bigger rooms might require a bigger sound. If this doesn't sound like something for you, then perhaps an outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker is more up your street. With a more robust design, thanks to its rubberized casing, these sorts of speakers are prepared for trip and tumble. And as they're designed to be portable Bluetooth speakers you can expect long battery lives, charging cables, and so. Teufel's ROCKSTER GO, BOOMSTER GO are specially made for on-the-go usages, with both even having IXP7 waterproof protection. Of course, these speakers can also be used inside too, but their style might not lend itself to your interior. Lastly, don't forget to consider with what devices you might want to connect your Bluetooth speaker with (perhaps with a Bluetooth compatible stereo system) and if you will require a subwoofer. On each of our product pages, you can find more details regarding input ports like AUX or USB and similar technical details.

Pairing - how do I connect my Bluetooth loudspeaker?

Bluetooth work via transmitter-receiver. The initial connection might be tricky, however, afterwards, simply by turning on your Bluetooth speaker it should automatically connect to your device whether it be a mobile, tablet or laptop (providing is Bluetooth is on). To get things started, go to the Bluetooth settings of your device, ensure that the Bluetooth speaker that you would like to connect is turned on and in pairing mode - pairing mode can often be activated by clicking or holding down on the button with the Bluetooth symbol - and it should show up in a list of possible Bluetooth devices that you can connect to. Thanks to this universal wireless connection method, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker can be paired regardless of device or manufacturer. 

What speakers can you connect to each other?

If you want to connect two Bluetooth speakers together it is vital that both BT speakers are the same and support this type of connection mode that allows them to connect together (check the manual if you are unsure). A little tip, make sure that both speakers have the same battery life, so they can play tunes together for the same amount of time. You don't want to kill a party when suddenly one of the speakers dies, and everyone can only enjoy half the fun they were originally having. At Teufel, we have a range of stereo pair speakers that you can easily wirelessly connect together that offer a powerful stereo sound:

  • BOOMSTER GO Stereo Set (each with up to 10 hours battery life and waterproof to IPX7)
  • ROCKSTER GO Duo Set (each with up to 12 hours battery life and waterproof to IPX7)

These brutal wireless speakers with powerful rechargeable batteries are connected via an included XLR cable:

  • ROCKSTER AIR Stereo Set (up to 30 hours battery life*)
  • ROCKSTER Stereo Set (up to 20 hours battery life each, additional 12 V car battery & 220 V power connection*)
  • POWER HIFI Stereo Set (fully active, modular speaker system with Bluetooth, wired, indoor only)

*Master/Companion operation: The following applies to the ROCKSTER AIR and ROCKSTER speakers: In mono operation, a chain of any number of Companions behind a master is possible.

Our speakers are specially designed for any occasion - from the big summer party to Amazon rain forest - wherever you want sound, get it! All our portable speakers have a battery made to lance and deliver when it comes to sound. But it's not just all about portable speakers, if you want something a little more stable for the home, try our wireless speakers with FM/DAB+ radio for the kitchen, study or bedroom - you decide. Check out all our portable speakers, wireless speakers and even smart speakers in our online store with more technical info. 

Which Bluetooth speakers work with Alexa?

If you're a fan of Alexa, you can take full advantage of our range of smart speakers the HOLIST S and HOLIST M. By downloading the Teufel HOLIST app, you can use voice control on your audio system. Switch between songs and organise your playlists. And let's not forget the music streaming services like NAPSTER, TuneIn, Tidal and Spotify, the Teufel app also supports these streaming services. Our smart speakers need to be plugged in, making them not suitable as portable speakers. However, once they're plugged in you can enjoy 360 degree sound thanks to Dynamore® technology designed for stationary use.

Can I upgrade my old stereo system with a Bluetooth speaker?

Older stereo systems or home cinema systems without  Bluetooth functions can be upgraded with help from a Bluetooth transmitter. Meaning nearly any type of loudspeaker can be turned into a Bluetooth PartyBox. To ensure the best sound without distortion, make sure that the transmitter transmits using Codec aptX.

FM/DAB+ Radios with Bluetooth

The RADIO 3SIXTY is our all-rounder for the best sound and with 360 degrees sound, it's hard not to love. Just plug the radio in and connect to your home wi-fi to get things started. You can either control the radio using the buttons on the device itself or by using the Teufel Remote App, which allows you access to alarm functions so that you can start the day with your favourite sound.

The BOOMSTER with FM/DAB+ is best when it's out and about. This portable speaker isn't just equipped with a lasting battery, which plays up for 6 hours straight, but also produces a powerful sound. With an integrated and adjustable subwoofer, it also comes with an extendable telescopic antenna for optimal station reception. With its simple design, it also looks good on the terrace. This is a sound that receives nothing but praise. 

Can I connect my Bluetooth speaker to the TV?

If your TV doesn't have a Bluetooth interface then you might need to pop to a specialist store and get yourself the relevant adapter. Usually, the adapter is connected to the headphones aux-in port of your TV so that the speaker can be connected and played through. However, if you're after a real cinema sound, we suggest you take a look at our range of Bluetooth soundbars, which have been specially made for this purpose..These are a more elegant solution to bigger TV sound. And you can also take advantage of virtual surround sound all packed in a slim design.

Tip: also our headphones with Bluetooth functions are perfect for creating better TV sound.

Which portable speakers are the best?

Well, it might be a subjective manner, but when it comes to portable speakers, there definitely some objective factors to consider. Our portable speakers like the BOOMSTER, the BOOMSTER XL, the ROCKSTER CROSS or the ROCKSTER AIR are all robustly built speakers with a carry strap and/or a carrying strap that offer a mighty sound despite their small size. You need to check the size, weight, the dB capabilities - all which can be found on the product page for each speaker. For the BOOMSTER you can find the BOOM BAG on our accessories page.

Of course, we also offer small speakers that work wirelessly and belong to portable speakers. Speakers such as the ROCKSTER GO, the BOOMSTER GO and the MOTIVE GO are portable and come with a practical strap, a thread for attaching to a tripod or with an additionally available case for every outing.

And the majority of our speakers are waterproof, so they're not scared of a little rain when you want them to be portable. Check each product page to see if a speaker is waterproof, and what type it has, as it varies. 

Heavy sound packed with great features for every occasion - Bluetooth speakers from Teufel

Luckily for everyone, the energy requirement of a Bluetooth connection is surprisingly low, which is why the battery life is only slightly reduced. With large Bluetooth speakers, the battery can last for up to 30 hours. The sound signal remains stable and even at up to a distance of about 10 m between receiver and transmitter, regardless of the location.

Our Bluetooth speakers have high-performance batteries and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries with runtimes of up to 30 hours.Here is a little overview of some functions our speakers have to offer:

  • Hands-free / built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls or accepting voice commands (Siri, Google Assistant)
  • Button on the box to call up Siri/Google Assistant, integrated USB sound card for use on desktop/laptop (Mac/Win7/10)
  • LED-Akkuanzeige
  • Bluetooth aptX® and NFC for Bluetooth for music streaming from Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, TuneIn etc. in CD-like quality
  • Party mode: two smartphones can be connected to the speaker
  • USB powerbank / USB charging function on the speakers
  • Waterproof to IPX7, jet-proof to IPX5
  • GoPro compatible thread
  • Extra control buttons for the most important functions on the speakers
  • Connect mode for connecting two speakers of the same type
  • FM/DAB+ Radio
  • Powerful lithium ion battery / Long battery life
  • AUX input for connecting MP3 player, CD player or headphones
  • Intelligent and refined product design for wide dispersion and the best sound
  • Our portable loudspeakers and sound giants ROCKSTER AIR and ROCKSTER have additional connections for microphones, instruments (e.g. electric guitar) and line-in; stereo set-up with a second loudspeaker of the respective category is possible.

To make sure you find the right speaker, make use of our product comparison and discover the best speaker for each category.

Smarter sound for smart home

You also have the option by many of our loudspeakers the opportunity to connect them to your wi-fi in order to stream. And using the right app, you can comfortably control the audio via your mobile phone. Use the Teufel Raumfeld App and our smart home speakers to control your music library and to change the audio source, whether it be your favourite station or a song on Spotify.

Just take a look around our online store and see for yourself. The transparent and positive reviews for our audio products speak for themselves. You can also ask owners, locals and fans of Teufel directly about their experiences with our Bluetooth speakers. 

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