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A home cinema experience at the touch of a button: remote controls from Teufel

Remote controls have been discreet but inseparable parts of the consumer electronic experience for years now. Regardless of whether you want to control home cinema systems, stereo sets,, your soundbar, or your portable Bluetooth speaker, there's nothing easier than a remote control.

What kinds of remote control are available from Teufel?

There are many kinds of remote control, such as infrared, wireless (radio waves), and smart remote controls. Here at Teufel, we use infrared remote controls, which require line of sight to function and can be found in many kinds of devices. We also use wireless controls such as our Puck remote control.

Which remote controls are compatible with my Teufel products?

Puck remote control is compatible with:
  • CONCEPT C (versions from 2015 and later)
  • CONCEPT E 450 Digital (versions from 2015 and later)
  • BOOMSTER (versions before 2020)
  • ULTIMA 40 Active (version without display)
Ruwido universal remote control is compatible with the following soundbars:
  • CINEBAR 11 (all versions)
  • Soundbar TRIOS (CS42)
  • CINEBAR 51/52 THX

What should be considered when selecting a remote control?

  1. Compatibility: make sure the remote control is compatible with your devices. Some models offer extensive device support, while others are specialized for certain brands or types.
  2. Functionality: what functions should be supported? If you want to control smart home devices, a smart remote control might be the best decision. When you'd rather have simple control, an infrared remote control should suffice.
  3. Range and reliability: consider the range of the remote control and its reliability when it comes to connecting to devices. Big range is particularly important when you want to control in bigger spaces.
  4. User friendliness: the usability of a remote control is a decisive factor. The buttons should be arranged well and easy to press. A general display can also simplify control.

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