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REAL BLUE NC / BLUE / PURE cushions (pair) (2020)

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Color: Black
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Overear null REAL PURE

Why we love this product

Replacement ear cushions for REAL BLUE, REAL BLUE NC, REAL PURE

Overear null REAL PURE

Key advantages at a glance

  • Use to replace missing ear cushions or swap for newer ones
  • Large and soft for comfort when wearing
  • Ventilated & skin sensitive ideal for long hearing or gaming sessions
  • Online step-to-step guide so you can replace the ear cushions at home with ease

To get things going -  changing the REAL cushions

You can find our online step-by-step instructions for changing the ear pads at the following link: See guide

How can I tell which version of the REAL BLUE/BLUE NC I have?

The older model of the REAL BLUE (2020) just like the REAL BLUE NC (2020) have a red fabric cover inside the earphones.
The new REAL BLUE/BLUC NC models (on sale since Nov. 2021), on the other hand, are equipped exclusively with a black fabric cover.

Black fabric cover inside the earphones

REAL BLUE (2020) / REAL BLUE NC (2020)
Red fabric cover inside the earphones

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Included components

REAL BLUE NC / BLUE / PURE cushions (pair) (2020)
  • 2 × REAL BLUE NC / BLUE / PURE Cushion (2020)